#NoEstimates – De-Mystified



For some time now within the software development community on Twitter, and by extension, some in the project management community, there has been an ongoing discussion surrounding a concept called No Estimates. Actually, the discussion (sometimes heated) has been around the hashtag #NoEstimates.

These discussions started out, as most discussions do, as an interaction between supposed professionals over a central concept, with both proponents and opponents, supporters and detractors. And like most conversations on the internet, it soon devolved into name calling, accusations of trolling, questioning of professionalism or qualifications, blocking of accounts, etc.

– I’m thinking of Godwins’ Law here – “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches.”

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“Productivity” Isn’t the Goal


Bookstores today are awash with titles aimed at helping you to be more ‘productive’. The internet even more so. The idea of increasing productivity has created a cottage industry of people finding and developing ways (lifehacks) to be more ‘productive’, how to eliminate some time-consuming task so that we can get more real work done (i.e. be productive).

There are two problems with this approach –

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