A few years ago a colleague asked me how I would explain a Project Manager’s role/responsibility in an ‘elevator speech’. In trying to condense the role down to as few words as possible, I offered the following –

A Project Manager Shepherds the Concept to Reality.


And this is where my interests lie and where I excel, but on a larger scale.

Developing a new idea, bringing a new product to life, building something new, instituting an organizational change, all of these are filled with their own uncertainties and challenges, their own risks and rewards. and they all start with an idea.

And that’s where I can help. I’ve spent my career developing and shepherding concepts into reality in one way or another. From real estate and physical construction, to growing a church, to building a professional organization to developing a training program. I have successfully managed projects in architecture, construction, software, non-profits, professional organizations, and healthcare.

I am the current Board Chair for PM4NGOs – (Project Management for Non-Government Organizations), and organization focused on improving the project management capability and capacity within the international development and humanitarian aid sectors.  I am also a past Vice-President of asapm (American Society for the Advancement of Project Management), the US Member Association of the IPMA (International Project Management Association).

I am certified as a PMP (Project Management Professional) by PMI, a IPMA Level C Certified Project Manager by asapm/IPMA, and a PMD Pro Level 2 Project Manager by PM4NGOs.

So whether it’s providing aid and input in developing the initial idea or strategy, or taking an existing idea and bringing it to reality, I can help.