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The Value of Project Management

The ‘value’ of project management… we see this come up quite a bit.  There’s only one value proposition for project management (hint: it’s NOT delivering to a ‘plan’).

3 Universal Principles of Project Management

Note: Several years ago I did a guest post for a project management software provider. They asked a series of questions and I provided my thoughts. The original psot is no longer available, but as I feel it provides some good ideas I’m reproducing it here.    What are the...

Scope – What it Is, and Isn’t

Last week I addressed the misunderstanding regarding the difference between Scope Creep and Scope Change. This week we’ll tackle a more fundamental issue – Scope itself. There’re four primary misconceptions I commonly see re: scope – Scope is pre-determined, and fixed. Scope is a set of tasks Scope suggests we...

Positive Risk vs Opportunity

I’ve never been a fan of the idea of ‘positive’ risk.  It’s a niche idea only found inside the risk and project management communities, and goes against every definition, and the general public’s usage, of the word ‘risk’.

Scope Change vs Scope Creep…. Predictive vs Adaptive

Several posts recently on LinkedIn have made some interesting, and incorrect, claims regarding ‘scope’ in project management. A few of these have suggested that project mgmt views *all* changes to scope as bad (scope ‘creep’), and that this is why ‘adaptive’ approaches were necessary – to accept that scope *will*...