Monthly Archive: July 2024

The Value of Project Management

The ‘value’ of project management… we see this come up quite a bit.  There’s only one value proposition for project management (hint: it’s NOT delivering to a ‘plan’).

3 Universal Principles of Project Management

Note: Several years ago I did a guest post for a project management software provider. They asked a series of questions and I provided my thoughts. The original psot is no longer available, but as I feel it provides some good ideas I’m reproducing it here.    What are the...

Scope – What it Is, and Isn’t

Last week I addressed the misunderstanding regarding the difference between Scope Creep and Scope Change. This week we’ll tackle a more fundamental issue – Scope itself. There’re four primary misconceptions I commonly see re: scope – Scope is pre-determined, and fixed. Scope is a set of tasks Scope suggests we...